Passion by Spinosa in the spirit to recreate the Buenos Aires tango scene in the Netherlands, would like to share the excitement that EL CXUCE TANGO will be for the first time on stage in the Netherlands. 

The exceptional cast includes:

  • Bruna Estellita & Julian Sanchez (2023 Tango Stage World Champions)
  • Manuela Rossi & Juan Malizia (2014 Tango Stage World Champions)
  • Agustina Piaggio (2019 Tango Salon World Champion) & the mythic Carlitos Espinoza
  • Mirella & João Carlos Santos David (2017 Tango Stage European Champions)
  • Ravenna Abdyli & Matteo Antonietti (2017 Tango Vals European Champions)
  • Gabriella Todisco & Michele Lobefaro (2013/2015 Tango Stage Italian Champion)

Vanesa Villalba & Facundo Pinero do not need any introduction. This amazing couple will be on charge of the artistic direction and choreography and of course they will perform on stage as well.

In addition, the show will be accompanied by live music performed by SONDER Tango orchestra.

The show will be presented at the theatre “Leidse Stadsgehoorzaal”, located in Breestraat 60 – 2311 CS Leiden on Thursday 6 June 2024.

It will be a nice occasion to bring your non tangueras/os friends and/or family. It might help them understand our passion for tango.  We will announce soon "free classes for absolute beginners" during the festival weekend. 

Tickets can be purchased at the Theatre website - use the link below for your convenience